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University Policies and Regulations

General Regulations (ADM) 

ADM-101Interpretation of Regulations
ADM-102The Administration Committee of the Board of Governors
ADM-103Preservation of Official Records
ADM-104Official Seal
ADM-105Legal Services
ADM-107University of Ottawa Board of Governors
ADM-108Applications for Donations and External Grants Other Than for Research
ADM-110Use of Equipment and Devices
ADM-111Equipment Repair and Maintenance Contracts
ADM-112Workplace Health and Safety
ADM-113Key Control
ADM-114Graphics Standards
ADM-115Bulletin Boards
ADM-117University Spaces
ADM-118Access to Information and Protection of Privacy
ADM-119Disposal of Surplus Assets
ADM-120Official Languages
ADM-121Emergency Plan
ADM-122Gift Acceptance
ADM-123Endowment Management
ADM-124Naming Privileges
ADM-125Computer Equipment and Cell Phones

Human Resources (RHR)

RHR-201Procedure for the Appointment and Reappointment of a Member of the Administration Committee
RHR-202Procedure for the Appointment and Reappointment of Deans of Faculties
RHR-203Contract – Clinical Supervisor
RHR-204Salary – Teaching and Research Activities
RHR-205Leave for Refresher Studies – Administration Committee Members and Deans
RHR-206Professor Emeritus – Awarding of Title
RHR-207Appointments – Visiting Professor, Senior Fellow and Adjunct Professor
RHR-208Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leave
RHR-209Hours of Work, Overtime and Additional Work
RHR-210Hiring of Relatives and Prevention of Conflict of Interest
RHR-211Payroll Administration
RHR-212Annual, Statutory and Other Leave
RHR-213Professional Development
RHR-214Refresher Leave
RHR-215Research Assistantships
RHR-216Termination of Employment for Administrative Reasons
RHR-217Staffing of Positions
RHR-218Conditions of Eligibility for Employee Benefits
RHR-219Sick Leave
RHR-220Travel Allowances
RHR-221Moving Expenses
RHR-222Tuition Fee Exemption
RHR-224-aPrevention of Harassment and Discrimination in the Workplace and Learning Environment
Procedure – Filing Complaints
RHR-224-bPrevention of Violence in the Workplace
Procedure – Filing Complaints
RHR-224-cPrevention of Sexual Violence
RHR-224-dSafeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons from Sexual Abuse
RHR-225Disciplinary Action
RHR-226Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
RHR-227Hiring Procedure for Indigenous Reserved Positions
RHR-228Telework Policy
RHR-229Right to Disconnect
RHR-230Scent-Free Environment
RHR-232Electronic Surveillance

Financial Resources (FIN)

FIN-301Authorized Signatories
FIN-302Transfer of Funds
FIN-303Commercial Transactions with Members of Staff
FIN-304University Insurance Coverage
FIN-305Credit Cards
FIN-306Petty Cash
FIN-307Offerings of Gifts, Flowers or Donations
FIN-308Membership Fees
FIN-309Expenses for Hospitality, Receptions and Business Meals
FIN-310Loan Request for Purchase of Computer Equipment
FIN-311External Audit
FIN-312Purchasing Policy
FIN-313Capitalization and Amortization
FIN-314Accounts Receivable Management
FIN-315Use of Debt

Academic Affairs (ASA)

ASA-402Management of Student Records
ASA-403Interfaculty Services
ASA-404Classroom Allocation
ASA-405Minimum Number of Students Required for a Course to be Offered
ASA-406Language of Diplomas
ASA-407Preservation of Theses
ASA-408Glasmacher Fund
ASA-409Research Grants and Contracts
ASA-410Student Debtor
ASA-411Financial Aid and Scholarships to Students
ASA-412Research Ethics Board and Responsible Conduct of Research
ASA-413Reimbursement of Tuition Fees
ASA-414Freedom of Expression

Senate Policies and Regulations

Policy on Supervisory Rights

Saint Paul University Official Complaint Procedure