Strategic Plan 2020-2025

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This is the face of change…

through updated programs of study

Our top priority is to offer better, more relevant services that meet the needs of society and facilitate the study of the human experience from various perspectives.

Working in partnership with other institutions will allow us to maximize our resources, exercise creativity, and better serve the student population by offering more courses, programs, and approaches that promote both mobility and the recognition of previous credits. By increasing the efficiency of the education process, we will better meet the needs of the Church, society and government.

This is the face of change…

through activities that encourage students to continue their studies

Saint Paul University has built relationships with various local and regional school systems to encourage high school students to continue their studies. Every opportunity to offer students a classroom experience at Saint Paul University opens a gateway for them to post-secondary education; every campus visit eases their transition to university and helps guidance counsellors and parents become more familiar with our programs.

Similarly, the international recruitment sector is expanding rapidly. Various on-the-ground initiatives have enabled our university to target its activities better and use its resources more effectively. By waiving a portion of tuition fees for international Francophone students, Saint Paul University can reach out to the French, Swiss and Belgian constituencies and strengthen its presence in certain African countries.

This is the face of change…

through commitment to comprehensive formation with easy access to services

Every effort must be made to support students in their academic studies. With that in mind, Saint Paul University recently implemented several services to support academic success, including counselling and pastoral services and the Academic Writing Help Centre. These need to be refined and expanded. Also, the cost of post-secondary studies can be prohibitive for many students. Financial aid can remove that obstacle, and plays a key role in academic persistence and success by allowing students to focus on their studies.

Linguistically speaking, the National Capital Region and Eastern Ontario have two distinctive features: a large number of Francophones who form a linguistic minority, and a large number of Francophiles who have gone through immersion programs. Both Francophones and those who have learned French as a second or other language want to maintain and expand their knowledge of the French language and culture, and we must be able to meet their expectations.

Another way to guarantee greater access is to give students the choice between distance learning and in-class learning. The value of continuing education is increasingly recognized. Some professions even require the ongoing development of knowledge and skills. This is an area of learning where Saint Paul University could really shine. Also, pedagogical tools must be available online, as they help broaden access to education and improve the quality of teaching.

The Saint Paul University Library, the most prestigious theological and canon law library in Canada, must meet the needs of the entire student population and faculty. The same principle applies to the University infrastructure as a whole.

This is the face of change…

through the outstanding competence and influence of its staff

To remain relevant, every program of study must be backed by top-quality research, and in this context Saint Paul University aims to be a world leader in its areas of specialization.

Equally important, however, is the teaching aspect. Every program of study must therefore be designed as a genuine pedagogical project that is student-focused and based on the principle of transformation. This approach will serve as the basis for a true commitment between Saint Paul University and the student population.

Administrative staff also play a key role in the Saint Paul University experience. Academic and administrative services to students must stand out for being relevant, up to date and efficient.


This is the face of change…

through community engagement

Saint Paul University has a long tradition of partnering with organizations and projects that promote community and social development. The University already shares its premises with various community associations and groups (farmers’ market, community garden, YOUCAN, AUFC, Goethe Institute, CICR), and participates in initiatives such as Discovery University for disadvantaged people and Youth Futures for high school youth from disadvantaged families or communities. This is a key element of our identity and our mission.

Until now, Saint Paul University has not been making the most of the relationships between our research chairs, research centres and professors, and the wider community. Our professors-researchers specialize in such areas as sexual abuse, post-traumatic stress syndrome, conflict resolution, the role of social media, and many other spheres of study—contemporary issues that are high on the  public agenda. To strengthen its reputation, Saint Paul University needs to be present and visible.

A summer professional development school would meet the needs of individuals who are looking for accelerated, targeted and accredited job-related training, planning to return to the workplace, or considering a career change.