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Saint Paul University offers a series of short programs, called “options,” made up of 15 or 18 units.

There are two ways to register, for those who are interested:

  • register as a special student and take only the courses specified for the option; or
  • register as a regular student in any BA program and take the courses specified for the option.

In both cases, the option will appear on the official transcript once the required courses have been successfully completed.

Below is a list of the microprograms offered:

Undergraduate Studies

Graduate Studies

National Newcomer Navigation Network (N4) Online Program

In July 2019, the School of Ethics, Social Justice and Public Service partnered with the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) to develop an online education program for professionals working with newcomers to Canada. The program helps participants develop the knowledge and skills needed to help newcomers navigate local health and social service systems.

This online program is composed of two microprograms: Social Justice, Interpersonal Relations and Immigration and Serving Diversity: Settlement and Integration Needs and Challenges. The year-long program is part of the N4’s overall education initiative.

About the N4

The N4 is a national network for the diverse providers who assist newcomers to navigate the complex Canadian healthcare and social service systems. For more information about the N4, visit newcomernavigation.ca