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Finding your path… and the love of your life!

When they started at Saint Paul University in 2013, France Clément and Olivier Dufour could not have imagined that they would find true love in one of the classrooms. And yet, it was on campus that they fell in love… and decided to spend their lives together. Proof that at Saint Paul, you can get much more than a degree!

France Clément et Olivier Dufour

Romance on campus

It was on May 23, on the University campus, that Olivier decided to ask France to marry him. He had a little help from his girlfriend’s co-worker. “My supervisor asked me to go to a presentation at Saint Paul,” France says. “When I got to the classroom, there were roses everywhere, and lit candles. Music was playing in the background, and my beloved was waiting for me.” It goes without saying that she said “yes!”

A shared passion

While they come from two very different regions – the National Capital Region and Quebec’s north shore – France and Olivier share a passion for improving human relationships. “We were both registered in the Honours B.A. in Human Relations and Spirituality,” explains France. It’s not surprising that the two lovebirds met in a conflict studies class! We are willing to bet that they will know how to navigate successfully the ups and downs of married life!

France Clément et Olivier Dufour

A bright future

The couple, who graduated only in 2017, are already forging careers in the world of social change. France is working full-time as a consultant at Employment Ontario and part-time as a facilitator in mental health at CHEO. Encouraging news for future graduates who are keen to do their part!

When asked to describe her time at Saint Paul, France replies confidently: “My fiancé and I had a unique and memorable experience there. Saint Paul truly transformed our personal and professional paths.”

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