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Masters in Conflict Management and Resolution

School of Conflict Studies

  • ECS5110 - History of Conflict Resolution

    Conflict resolution approaches and institutions created over time in different regions of the world. Traditional dispute resolution mechanisms. State and law. Democratic institutions. Third party involvement and promotion of peace.

  • ECS5304 - Ethical Dimensions of Conflict

    Conceptual and procedural ethical issues concerning norms of social justice and reconciliation. Relation of ethical issues to self-other dialectics, dynamics of discourse and power, gender and class, memory and agency.

  • ECS5320 - Conflict Management and Resolution Systems

    Exploration of procedures for conflict management and resolution, using a system approach to understand and explain complex problems. Analysis of systems to identify their strengths and limitations in different contexts. Proposals for improving existing systems and creating new ones will be evaluated.

  • ECS5321 - Advanced Coaching in Conflict Management

    Exploration of techniques for coaching in conflict situations. Analysis of different coaching models, and study of visitor/client communication. Review of the methods used in the assessment of conflicts, analysis of the different points of view and styles that reveal competing positions, and evaluation of strategies and skills to resolve communicative impasses in the mediation process.

  • ECS5322 - Group Processes and Reparation Practises in Conflicts

    Analysis of the foundations of restorative practices used to address behavioural problems and crime in groups. Assessment of the roles of key stakeholders, and examination of different models of practice. Exploration of ways of addressing and alleviating trauma, and examination of the contributions of Indigenous approaches to justice and community well-being.

  • ECS5323 - Conflict Resolution and Ombuds Practice

    Study of advanced approaches to workplace conflict resolution in large organizations. Examination of the potential of ombudsman programs to develop and maintain healthy workplace cultures. Evaluation of contemporary policy innovations to mitigate workplace harassment and the implementation of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging (EDIB) policies.

  • ECS5324 - Final Report

    Writing of a long essay along the suggested formats provided by the School of Conflict studies. Graded S/NS.

  • ECS 5325 Reinforcement Activities

    Participation in at least one academic or professional conference and presentation of a paper. Participation in the in-person one week concluding plenary meetings in the last spring of the candidate’s program. Graded S/NS.