Admission requirements | Saint Paul University

Masters in Conflict Management and Resolution

School of Conflict Studies

The requirements for admission are the following:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent in the social sciences and humanities, administration, law, philosophy, theology or psychology (other backgrounds may be considered by the admissions committee).
  • At least one year’s full-time experience in the practice and/or management of conflict resolution.


  • Completion of a bachelor’s degree or its equivalent, preferably in conflict studies at SPU or in a comparable program;
  • Have successfully completed the equivalent of the SPU conflict resolution microprogram with an A- average in these courses;
  • Completion of a 4000-level conflict studies internship or equivalent;
  • Have attended or participated in conflict resolution interventions during their studies, employment or in a community setting;
  • Submit a valid and credible letter of intent.

Interviews may be conducted to select some candidates.