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Here are some benefits:

  • By hosting student interns, your organization is making an important investment in human capital and in our future professionals.
  • Interns can offer a fresh perspective on your plans, strategies and organization.
  • Internships create mentorship opportunities for your current employees.
  • The University’s internship partners stand out as employers who value our students’ potential and support their contribution to society.

Fields of study
Our students have skills and qualifications in the following disciplines:

  • Conflict Studies (Undergraduate and Graduate levels)
  • Human Relations and Spirituality (Undergraduate level)
  • Public Ethics (Undergraduate and Graduate levels)
  • Social Communication (Undergraduate level)
  • Social Innovation (Undergraduate and Graduate levels)

Observation internship
The student joins your team as an observer. This type of internship allows students to observe and understand the practical application of what they are learning in their academic courses.

Practical internship
The student is an active member of your team. This type of internship allows students to apply the knowledge they have gained in their academic courses in a professional environment.

Research internship
The student is an active member of your team. This type of internship allows the student to conduct research and analysis work and encourages critical thinking about theory and practice.


As a supervisor, you contribute to the student’s final grade by providing feedback on their progress at key points of the internship. The internship description must be approved by the student’s faculty supervisor before the student begins the internship. The final grade given to the intern is a “Pass” or “Fail” grade.

Below you will find the recruitment timeline for the most effective period to post an internship offer.

Internship Session / Peak Recruitment Period to Post, Interview & Extend Offers

  • Spring–Summer: January – March
  • Fall: May – July
  • Winter: September – November

Internship Offer Coordination Process:

1) Submit the internship offer details via email, including the following information:

  • Internship position being offered
  • Scope of internship tasks
  • Start and end dates of the internship
  • Particular requirements (bilingualism, security clearance, etc.)

Please note: the internship description must be approved by the School Faculty before moving forward to the next step. This is to ensure the internship parameters correspond to the academic requirements of the Faculty.

2) Consult CVs from eligible student candidates

3) Confirm your choice of candidate. The Internship Coordinator will connect you with the selected student to further discuss the internship parameters.

4) Sign the internship agreement. Once the student has met with their assigned professor and have received approval of the learning objectives and the internship activities outlined by your organization, you will be required to sign the internship agreement.