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Honours B.A. in Social Innovation

Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation

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Foundational Courses (12 units)

Compulsory Courses: 12 units

  • HTP1102 Approaches in the Humanities: Interpreting the Human Experience
  • HTP1103 People, Social Justice and Ecology
  • HTP1105 Critical Analysis, Reading and Writing Academic Works
  • HTP1106 The First Peoples of Canada

Discipline Specific Courses (78 units)

Compulsory Courses: 60 units

  • INS2101 Introduction to Social Innovation
  • INS2102 Social Justice and Critical Thinking
  • INS2103 Social Movements
  • INS2104 Democracy and Civic Engagement
  • INS2105 Social and Solidarity Economy
  • INS2106 Management, Administration and Social Innovation
  • INS3101 Self-Management in Organizations
  • INS3102 Practical Seminar: Introduction to Action Research
  • INS3103 Capitalism, Classes and Inequalities
  • INS3104 Labor Movements
  • INS3105 Gender and Feminisms
  • INS3106 Feminist Movements
  • INS3107 Ecology and Environmental Justice
  • INS3108 Accounting of Social Organizations
  • INS3109 Mobilization, Framing and Communication
  • INS3110 Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Theories
  • INS3111 Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Movements
  • INS4101 Power Relations in Organizations
  • INS4102 Starting a Social Organization
  • INS4103 Internship I

Optional Courses: 18 units from:

  • IGL1103 Introduction to Group Dynamics
  • IGL2126 Group Intervention and Active Listening
  • IGL3112 The Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership and Group Facilitation
  • INS3112 Project Management and Social Innovation
  • INS3113 New Technologies and Social Innovation
  • INS3114 Accessibility and Ableism
  • INS3115 Poverty and Social Exclusion
  • INS3116 Territories and Local Development
  • INS3117 Arts and Social Transformation
  • INS3118 Popular Education and Knowledge Sharing
  • INS3119 Selected Topics in Democratic Management
  • INS3120 Selected Topics in Social Action
  • INS4104 Finance and Funding Social Innovation
  • INS4105 Social Innovation and Global Interdependencies
  • INS4106 Internship II
  • ISC3301 Social Marketing
  • ISC3339 Introduction to Public Relations
  • PHI2146 Social Justice
  • PHI3133 Feminist Ethics
  • PHI3308 Ethics and Public Service

With the approval of the School of Social Innovation, students may also choose optional courses from among those offered by the School of International Development and Global Studies in order to add an international perspective to their studies.

Elective courses (30 units)

Students choose 30 units or complete a minor (30 units).