Program Requirements | Saint Paul University


School of Social Communication

Foundational Courses (12 units)

Compulsory Courses: 12 units

  • HTP1102 Approaches in the Humanities: Interpreting the Human Experience
  • HTP1103 People, Social Justice and Ecology
  • HTP1105 Critical Analysis, Reading and Writing Academic Works
  • HTP1106 The First Peoples of Canada

Discipline Specific Courses (60 units)

Compulsory Course: 36 units

  • ISC1308 Introduction to New Media
  • ISC1310 Communication Research and Methodology
  • ISC2301 Communication and Organizations
  • ISC2306 Media and Ethics
  • ISC2307 Introduction to Communication
  • ISC2328 Communication Plan
  • ISC3300 Theories of Mediated Communication
  • ISC3305 Psycho Sociology of Mass Communications
  • ISC3327 Theories of Social Communication
  • ISC3339 Introduction to Public Relations
  • ISC4300 Argumentation and Persuasive Communication
  • ISC4306 Stakes Analysis

Optional Courses: 24 units

9 units from:

  • ISC2313 Electronic Journalism
  • ISC2326 Print Media: Writing Principles
  • ISC2329 Interpersonal Communication
  • ISC2331 Conceptions of Society
  • ISC2337 Special Topics in Social Communications I
  • ISC2342 Strategic Communication Tools

9 units from:

  • ISC3301 Social Marketing
  • ISC3302 Media and Great Social Debates
  • ISC3303 Professional Ethics in Communication
  • ISC3309 Creating Media Programming
  • ISC3312 Photography: Semiology of Image
  • ISC3318 Content Analysis
  • ISC3319 Special Topics in Social Communications II
  • ISC3320 Internship I
  • ISC3326 Advanced Research in Communication
  • ISC3331 Knowing the Media
  • ISC3350 Contemporary Journalism Practices

6 units from:

  • ISC4302 Social Communications and Social Media
  • ISC4304 Media and Religious Traditions
  • ISC4305 Communications for Sustainable Development
  • ISC4314 Communication and Anthropology
  • ISC4320 Internship II
  • ISC4330 Research or Directed Study

Elective Courses (48 units)

Students choose 48 units or complete a minor (30 units) and 18 units.
6 units must be of 3000 or 4000 level.