Equity and Social Justice

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This microprogram is designed for all students wishing to acquire knowledge and skills in social justice issues, ethics, anti-racist and decolonial movements, and the specific issues experienced by Indigenous communities. You will deepen your theoretical, ethical and political understanding of these issues, sharpening your critical analysis and discovering practical tools to implement to ensure greater inclusion and decolonization of organizations.

Program requirements

Compulsory Courses (3 units)

  • INS2102 Social Justice and Critical Thinking

Optional courses (12 units)

  • ECS2192 Inequality, Conflict and Social Justice
  • INS3105 Gender and Feminisms
  • INS3106 Feminist Movements
  • INS3110 Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Theories
  • INS3111 Anti-Racist and Anti-Colonial Movements
  • INS3115 Poverty and Social Exclusion