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The Anglican tradition has distinctive history, theology, and practice, while sharing much in common with other Christian traditions. This microprogram prepares students for lay and ordained leadership in the Anglican tradition.

Anglican Studies at Saint Paul University was established by the Faculty of Theology in collaboration with the Anglican Diocese of Ottawa in 1981.

While this microprogram is intended for Master of Divinity students, it is open to other undergraduate students.

Program Requirements

Compulsory Courses (15 units)

  • THO2177 Selected Topics in Anglican Studies (3u)
  • THO3118 Anglican Liturgy (3u)
  • THO3124 Reforming the Church (3u)
  • THO3147 The Anglican Tradition (3u)
  • THO3174 Contemporary Anglican Theology (3u)

Courses directly related to the Anglican tradition that are offered by other institutions affiliated with the Anglican Church of Canada may count toward the microprogram with the approval of the director of Anglican Studies.


THO2177 Selected Topics in Anglican Studies (3u)

Study of a particular period, school or representative author of Anglican thought.

THO3118 Anglican Liturgy (3u)

An introduction to the historical and theological development of the Anglican liturgical tradition from the Reformation Book(s) of Common Prayer to the present.

THO3124 Reforming the Church (3u)

A study of church history from 1400 to present, movements of Catholic and Protestant Reform, significant social and cultural developments and their influence on the evolution of theology and church structures.

THO3147 The Anglican Tradition (3u)

A survey course designed to help students reach an understanding of the Anglican tradition and of Anglican theological method and spirituality.

THO3174 Contemporary Anglican Theology (3u)

The religious thought of a number of major figures during a period when Anglican theology has developed in an international context.