Ecology and Social Innovation

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This microprogram is designed for all students wishing to acquire knowledge and skills that combine issues related to the socio-ecological transition with approaches from transformative leadership, local development, the relationship to the land and indigenous spirituality. You will discover how to deepen your understanding of ecological issues while promoting the implementation of innovative projects that take these issues into account.

Program requirements

Compulsory Courses (9 units)

  • HUM1102 Ecological Literacy
  • HUM2102 Approaches to Social and Ecological Issues
  • INS3107 Ecology and Environmental Justice

Optional courses (6 units)

  • HUM2101 Communities and the Land: Exploring Spiritualities and Indigeneity
  • HUM4102 Ecological Dimensions of Conflict
  • HUM4104 Ecojustice, Peace and Nonviolence
  • INS3116 Territories and Local Development
  • PHI3134 Environmental and Animal Ethics