Transformative Leadership

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Transformative Leadership combines self-reflection and critical thought to develop the capacity of organizational and community leaders to meaningfully engage a diversity of stakeholders. With a primary focus on the integration of theory and practice, this microprogram prepares students to think about transforming the social world around them by working with their imagination, emotions, values, and faith.

Only students enrolled in the Master of Divinity program may register for this microprogram.

Program Requirements

Compulsory Courses (6 units)

  • HUM5101 Leadership and Theories of Change (3u)
  • HUM5121 Transformative Leadership and Spiritualities (3u)

Elective Courses (9 units)

Students may take a combination of undergraduate and graduate courses offered by the School of Leadership, Ecology and Equity. Students are invited to consult the director of that School and the director of the Master of Divinity program to make the best possible choice of courses according to their interests.


HUM5101 Leadership and Theories of Change (3u)

Critical analysis of contemporary leadership challenges (shared vision, teamwork, conflicts, etc.) and examination of the role played by leadership in various theories of social change. Exploration of effective leadership practices for achieving social justice in diverse social and organizational contexts.

HUM5121 Transformative Leadership and Spiritualities (3u)

Study of approaches and methods of spirituality as a fundamental experience of lived faith and meaning-making. Exploring spirituality as an important source of activism and social justice. Learning to lead from an articulated understanding of spirituality consistent with the student’s personal values and meaning of their work.