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Build confidence. Build peace.

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Can you demonstrate objectivity and empathy? Are you good at solving complex problems?

No matter what the conflict situation, whether it is local, national or international, you will be equipped to resolve disputes.
In order to do so, you will examine the origins and dynamics that underlie conflicts while taking into consideration their political, psychological and social dimensions. With the help of case studies, practical exercises and lectures, you will deepen and apply methods that serve to prevent, manage and resolve conflicts.


  • Exploring conflicts at different levels (local, national and international).
  • Addressing the political, psychological and social aspects of conflicts.
  • Learning the fundamentals of active listening, negotiation and mediation.
Perspectives de carrière
  • Agent, Programmes internationaux
  • Conseiller, Relations de travail
  • Analyste, Griefs et arbitrage
  • Spécialiste, Planification des missions