Program Requirements | Saint Paul University

Honours B.A. with Major in Ethics and Contemporary Social Issues

School of Ethics, Social Justice and Public Service

Foundational Courses (12 units)

Compulsory Courses : 12 units

  • HTP1102 Approaches in the Humanities: Interpreting the Human Experience
  • HTP1103 People, Social Justice and Ecology
  • HTP1105 Critical Analysis, Reading and Writing Academic Works
  • HTP1106 The First Peoples of Canada

Discipline Specific Courses (42 units)

Compulsory Course : 24 units

  • PHI1105 Introduction to Critical Thinking
  • PHI2111 History of Western Ethics
  • PHI2146 Social Justice
  • PHI3134 Environmental and Animal Ethics
  • PHI3307 Ethics, Multiculturalism and Immigration
  • PHI3308 Ethics and Public Service
  • PHI4121 Applied Ethics in Organizational Contexts
  • PHI4313 Ethics and Disability

Optional Courses: 18 Units

  • PHI2141 Fundamentals of Democracy and Governance
  • PHI2182 Philosophical Anthropology
  • PHI2185 Ethics and Education
  • PHI3129 Ethics, AI and Big Data
  • PHI3133 Feminist Ethics
  • PHI3309 Ethics and Religion
  • PHI3901 Internship I / Stage I
  • PHI4119 Ethics, War and Terrorism
  • PHI4155 Selected Topics in Ethics and Politics

Elective Courses (66 units)

Students complete a second major (42 units) and 24 units or a minor (30 units) and 36 units.

18 units must be of 3000 or 4000 level.