Research Centre in Public Ethics and Governance
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Research Centre in Public Ethics and Governance

The RCPEG is a research centre, a space for collaboration and co-creation of knowledge, co-led by researchers Sophie Cloutier, Monique Lanoix and Julie Paquette.
Located at Saint Paul University in Ottawa, the capital of Canada, the RCPEG offers workshops, conferences and research laboratories on the unifying theme of the ethics of marginality.
Ethical issues and governance issues are the focal point from which arise contemporary social issues such as refugees, dialogue, hospitality, disability, vulnerability, environment, feminism, care, citizenship, populism, freedom of expression, bio-technologies and algorithms.
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Profs Paquette, Lanoix and Cloutier (from left to right). 

2018–2019. Monique Lanoix and Julie Paquette. 
2019–2020. Sophie Cloutier and Julie Paquette.  
2020–2021. Sophie Cloutier and Monique Lanoix.

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Sophie Cloutier: Political Philosophy, Hospitality Ethics, Care Ethics;

Monique Lanoix: Feminist Ethics, BioEthics, Critical and Disability Ethics, Continental Philosophy;

Julie Paquette: Political Thought, Populism, Ethics and New Technologies, Arts and Politics, Ethics and Politics;