Admission requirements | Saint Paul University

G.D. in Social Organization Development

Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation

Admission requirements

Candidates must meet the following conditions:

  1. Hold an honours bachelor’s degree (4 years) or its equivalent with an average of at least «B» (70%) in Human or Social Sciences or Management; or hold an honours bachelor’s degree with an average of at least «B» (70%) in another discipline and have at least five years of relevant work experience in a social organization, a social movement or a social enterprise (a letter of confirmation from a third party specifying the duration of the activity in question must accompany the application).
  2. Fournir les documents suivants :
    • Cover letter (maximum 500 words);
    • Curriculum vitae.
  3. Undergo an interview with the program coordinators (to verify the candidate’s goals and his or her suitability for the program).