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Ecclesiastical Program: Licentiate in Canon Law

Faculty of Canon Law

  • DCA5103 - Universal and Supra Diocesan Church Structures

    Supreme authority of the Church: Roman Pontiff, College of Bishops and Ecumenical Council. Synod of Bishops, College of Cardinals, Roman Curia, legates. Groupings of particular Churches: ecclesiastical provinces and regions, metropolitans, particular councils (plenary and provincial), conferences of bishops. (cc. 330-367; 431-459)

  • DCA6921 - Canonical Latin

    Advanced level of ecclesiastical Latin. Translation of canonical texts: Codex iuris canonici, Codex canonum ecclesiarum orientalium, other canonical sources. (Prerequisite: DCA 3109 or equivalent knowledge in the judgment of the Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law; passive knowledge of French)

  • DCA6922 - Field Practicum

    A six-week (minimum 18 hours per week) of supervised internship in canonical practice at an approved site. Assessment based on a written report as well as the evaluation of the internship supervisor. Graded S/NS.

  • DCA6961 - Study Visit to the Roman Curia

    Seminar on the Roman Curia involving on-site interchange with personnel from a variety of Roman congregations, tribunals, and pontifical councils. (Prerequisite: passive knowledge of French)

  • DCA5127 - Particular Churches

    Particular Churches. Bishops: bishops in general, diocesan bishops, coadjutor and auxiliary bishops. Impeded and vacant see. Diocesan synod; diocesan curia: vicars general, episcopal vicars, chancellor, finance committee, financial officer; presbyteral council; college of consultors; chapter of canons; pastoral council. Parishes, pastors, parochial vicars. Vicars forane. Rectors of churches. Chaplains. (cc. 368-430; 460-572)
    Previously: DCA5123, DCA5124

  • DCA5128 - Sanctifying Office

    Sanctifying function of the Church and the sacraments. Communicatio in sacris. Baptism. Confirmation. Holy Eucharist. Penance. Anointing of the Sick. Order. Other acts of divine worship: sacramentals, liturgy of the hours, funerals, veneration of saints, sacred images and relics, vows and oaths. Sacred places: churches, oratories, private chapels, shrines, altars, cemeteries. Sacred times: feast days, days of penance. (cc. 834-1054, 1166-1253)
    Previously: DCA5204

  • DCA5129 - General Norms

    Fundamental concepts in canon law. Ecclesiastical laws. Custom. Statutes and rules of order. Physical and juridic persons. Juridic acts. Power of governance. Prescription. Computation of time. (cc. 1-28, 94-144, 197-203)
    Previously: DCA5102

  • DCA5130 - Matrimonial Law

    Canonical notion of marriage. Marriage preparation. Impediments: in general and specific. Matrimonial consent. Canonical form. Mixed marriages. Marriages celebrated secretly. Effects of marriage. (cc. 1055-1140)
    Previously: DCA5125

  • DCA5131 - Christian Faithful

    The Christian Faithful, their obligations and rights. Obligations and rights of the laity. Clergy: formation, incardination, obligations and rights. Personal Prelatures. Associations of the Christian faithful, public and private. (cc. 204-327)
    Previously: DCA5208

  • DCA5132 - Administrative Institutes

    General decrees and instructions. Singular administrative acts: singular decrees and precepts, rescripts, privileges, dispensations. Ecclesiastical offices. Presentation and drafting of singular and general decrees, precepts, and rescripts for routine and exceptional matters. Practical application: internal and external diocesan structures, sacraments, finances, civil law. (cc. 29-93, 145-183)
    Previously: DCA5306, DCA6322

  • DCA5133 - Procedures I

    Trials in general. Competent forum. Different grades and kinds of tribunals: first instance, second instance, tribunals of the Apostolic See. Discipline to be observed in tribunals: duties of judges and tribunal ministers, order of adjudication, time limits and delays, place of the trial, persons to be admitted to the court, manner of preparing and keeping the acts. Parties in a case. Actions and exceptions. Oral contentious process. (cc. 1400-1500, 1656-1677)

  • DCA5134 - Eastern Canon Law

    History of Eastern canon law. Overview of the Codex canonum Ecclesiarum orientalium. Structures of the patriarchal, major archiepiscopal, and metropolitan churches. Eparchies and exarchies. Select consideration of particular canons. Rapport between the Eastern Churches and the Latin Church.
    Previously: DCA5207

  • DCA5135 - Matrimonial Jurisprudence

    Study of jurisprudence focusing on the grounds of nullity of matrimonial consent, with special focus on the jurisprudence of the Roman Rota.
    Previously: DCA6321

  • DCA5136 - Introduction to Canon Law

    Methodology for canonical research and writing. History of canonical sources. History of canonical institutions.
    Previously: DCA5512, DCA5121

  • DCA5137 - Teaching Office

    Ministry of the Divine Word: preaching the word of God, catechetical instruction. Missionary activity. Catholic education: schools, Catholic universities and other institutes of higher studies, ecclesiastical universities and faculties. Instruments of social communication and books in particular. Profession of faith. (cc. 747-833)
    Previously: DCA 5208

  • DCA5138 - Special Matrimonial Cases and Procedures

    Separation of the spouses with the dissolution of the marriage bond (dissolution of ratified and non-consummated marriages, dissolution in virtue of the Pauline privilege, dissolution in favour of the faith). Separation of the spouses with the bond remaining. Convalidation of marriage. Procedure in presumed death of a spouse. (cc. 1141-1165, 1692-1707)
    Previously: DCA5133

  • DCA5139 - Canon Law on Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons

    A comprehensive and practical study of the “proactive” and “reactive” canonical responses of the Church to the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable persons. Development of laws, universal and particular, and their practical application.

  • DCA5203 - Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life

    Common norms. Religious institutes: religious houses, governance of institutes, admission of candidates and formation of members, obligations and rights of the institutes and of their members, apostolate of institutes, separation of members from the institute, religious who are bishops, conferences of major superiors. Secular institutes. Societies of apostolic life. (cc. 573-633; 641-717, 719-740, 742-746)

  • DCA5304 - Comparative Particular Law

    Comparative study of the development of particular canon law at the level of conferences of bishops.

  • DCA5396 - Directed Studies I
  • DCA5397 - Directed Studies II
  • DCA5398 - Directed Studies III
  • DCA6112 - Administrative Procedures

    Loss of ecclesiastical office: resignation, transfer, removal, privation. Loss of the clerical state. Declaration of the nullity of sacred ordination. Methods of avoiding trials. Administrative recourse. Procedure in the removal or transfer of pastors. (cc.184-196, 290-293, 1708-1716, 1732-1752)

  • DCA6113 - Temporal Goods

    Ecclesiastical goods. Acquisition of goods. Administration of goods, ordinary and extraordinary. Contracts: alienation, threatening transactions, leases. Pious wills. Pious trusts. Pious foundations: autonomous and non-autonomous. Goods of institutes of consecrated life and societies of apostolic life. (cc. 1254-1310, 634-640, 718, 741)

  • DCA6114 - Procedures II

    Introduction of a case: the libellus, citation and notification of judicial acts. Joinder of the issue. Trial of litigation. Proofs. Incidental cases. Publication of the acts. Conclusion of the case. Discussion of the case. Pronouncements of the judge. Challenge of the sentence: complaint of nullity, appeal. Res iudicata and Restitutio in integrum. Judicial expenses and gratuitous legal assistance. Execution of the sentence. The documentary process for marriage cases. (cc. 1501-1655, 1678-1691)

  • DCA6115 - Penal Law

    Punishment of delicts. Penal laws and penal precepts. Subjects of penal sanctions. Penalties and other punishments: censures, expiatory penalties, penal remedies, penances. Application of penalties. Cessation of penalties. Penalties for individual delicts. Penal process: preliminary investigation, development of the judicial and extrajudicial process, action to repair damages. (cc. 1311-1399, 1717-1731)

  • DCA6116 - Foundations of Canon Law

    Theology of Law. Philosophy of Law. Elements of Roman Law. [Previously: DCA6415]

  • DCA6117 - Institutes of Law

    An introduction to the juridical system of civil law (common law). A comparison of selected themes of civil law to principles established by canon law. An examination of the tension that between Church and State, with an analysis of civil law court judgments. [Previously: DCA6415]

  • DCA6301 - Special Problems in Canon Law I

    Study of interdisciplinary problems with a large canonical component or of specialized questions not covered by the Code of Canon Law.

  • DCA6302 - Special Problems in Canon Law II

    Study of interdisciplinary problems with a large canonical component or of specialized questions not covered by the Code of Canon Law.

  • DCA6315 - Liturgical Law Outside the Code

    Selected Praenotanda of liturgical books and post- Code legislation on the Liturgy.

  • DCA6316 - The Laity and the Power of Governance in the Church

    Collaboration of the lay faithful in the exercise of the power of governance: law, theory, and practice.

  • DCA6321 - Seminar on Tribunal Practice

    Jurisprudence. Practical application: introduction of a marriage nullity case, instruction, conclusion, decision, appeal. Drafting of decrees, advocate’s pleas, remarks of the defender of the bond, sentences.

  • DCA6363 - Special Problems in Canon Law III

    Study of interdisciplinary problems with a large canonical component or of specialized questions not covered by the Code of Canon Law. Each academic year the details of the course will be made available in advance to the students.

  • DCA6364 - Special Problems in Canon Law IV

    Study of interdisciplinary problems with a large canonical component or of specialized questions not covered by the Code of Canon Law. Each academic year the details of the course will be made available in advance to the students.

  • DCA6365 - Special Problems in Canon Law V

    Study of interdisciplinary problems with a large canonical component or specialized questions not covered by the Code of Canon Law.

  • DCA6366 - Special Problems in Canon Law VI

    Study of interdisciplinary problems with a large canonical component or specialized questions not covered by the Code of Canon Law.

  • DCA6367 - Special Problems in Canon Law VII

    Study of interdisciplinary problems with a large canonical component or specialized questions not covered by the Code of Canon Law.

  • DCA6394 - Research Seminar - Preparation

    Development and approval of a topic, table of contents and bibliography. Preliminary research and drafting of the research seminar paper, observing the methodology of the faculty.

  • DCA6395 - Research Seminar

    Research on a particular canonical subject resulting in its presentation to the seminar group and director, and in submission of a written project.

  • DCA6396 - Selected Topics in Canon Law I
  • DCA6397 - Selected Topics in Canon Law II
  • DCA6398 - Selected Topics in Canon Law III
  • HTP5101 - Victims of Sexual Abuse in Society and the Church

    Definitions and contextualization. The issues of victims of sexual abuse: disclosing the abuse and the short and long term physical, relational and spiritual consequences, as well as the different therapeutic models.

  • HTP5102 - Perpetrators of Sexual Violence in Various Contexts and Prevention

    The dynamics of sexual violence in various contexts. Recognizing signs of imminent sexual abuse. Clinical and spiritual care for perpetrators. Prevention.

  • HTP5103 - Special Topics in Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons

    Study of a particular theme in the field of safeguarding of minors and vulnerable persons.