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Complementary minor

Conflict Studies

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Compulsory Courses (15 units)

  • ECS2103 Negotiation
  • ECS2104 Mediation
  • ECS2191 Introduction to Conflict Studies
  • ECS2192 Inequality, Conflict and Social Justice
  • ECS2321 Listening and Interaction in Conflict Resolution

Optional Courses (15 units)

15 units from :

  • ECS2124 Local and Community Responses to Conflict
  • ECS2126 Indigenous Peoples and Conflict
  • ECS2928 Language and Conflict in Canada / Conflits linguistiques au Canada
  • ECS3101 Introduction to Technical and Legal Aspects of Conflict Resolution
  • ECS3123 Psychological Impacts of Conflict
  • ECS3124 Conflict in Organizations
  • ECS3125 Peaceful Resolution of Violent Conflict
  • ECS3127 Group Processes and Conflicts
  • ECS3128 Consultation and Coaching in Conflicts
  • ECS3130 Special Topics in Conflict Studies
  • ECS3140 Gender Relations and Conflict
  • ECS3323 Dialogue

With the approval of the School of Conflict Studies, students may also choose optional courses from among those offered by the Graduate School of Public and International Affairs (course code ECH).

Some courses have specific prerequisites.

A course that is part of a bachelor degree or a major cannot count as an optional course toward a minor.