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The Centre for Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons


Under the authority of the Secretary General, the mission of the Centre for Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons is to help eliminate the threat and trauma of sexual abuse in society and in the Church by:

  • Promoting prevention through formation
  • Offering healing assistance to victims/survivors, their families, and their communities
  • Striving for justice
  • Contributing to reconciliation.

The Centre is the first of its kind established in a Catholic university in North America.

The Centre is interdisciplinary, reflecting the excellent research and close collaboration of Saint Paul University’s four faculties: Human Sciences, Philosophy, Theology, and Canon Law.

Call to Action
We believe that the safeguarding of minors and vulnerable persons is an urgent need today. We encourage all those who share our passion to support the Centre to ensure a sustainable, successful initiative and positive impact for minors and vulnerable persons.

The Centre is very pleased to respond to the needs of the faithful in various settings by offering customized educational and practical services. Services include:

Micro Program
In close collaboration with the Faculty of Canon Law, the Centre offers an undergraduate micro program (15 credits). Learn more here.

See which courses will be offered in the winter 2021 semester by clicking here

The Centre offers a minimum of four workshops a year. These day-long workshops are intended for a broad audience. Learn more here.

The Centre offers a minimum of two seminars each year. These week-long seminars are intended for professional development for students and the general public. Learn more here. 

Curious about our past events? You can find more information here.

Auditing and Consultation Services
The Centre offers risk management assessment audits to enhance the safeguarding of both those who serve in, and are served by, religious institutions. It also offers canonical advisory services on all aspects of safeguarding protocols and practices.

The Centre facilitates interdisciplinary research on the systemic issues underlying the problem of sexual abuse in society and the Church. It focuses on themes such as secondary victims of abuse, vulnerable persons at risk in certain contexts (migrants and refugees, women religious, novices and seminarians), human trafficking, and incest.

International Outreach
It intends to build and to expand worldwide partnerships to promote safeguarding. Its international focus hopes to assist developing countries where civil law and best practices may not be concurrent with contemporary values related to the safeguarding of minors and vulnerable persons.

In addition to serving the National Capital Region, the Centre has global reach through distance-learning opportunities and offers a vast variety of services in English and French.

About the Director

The University has appointed Dr. Karlijn Demasure as the director of the Centre for Safeguarding Minors and Vulnerable Persons. Her expertise in the field is internationally recognized. She is a member of many panels and consultative committees on sexual abuse, including a safeguarding board of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).



For more information, please contact us at 613-236-1393, ext. 2612, or by email at CPCS@ustpaul.ca.