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Compulsory Courses (30 units)

  • THO2189 Can We Talk About God? An Introduction to Theology
  • THO2350 Introduction to the History of Christianity
  • THO3160 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • THO3161 Introduction to the New Testament
  • THO3166 The Good Life: An Introduction to Christian Ethics
  • THO3169 Liturgy and Experience: An Introduction to Christian Worship
  • THO3171 Introduction to Ministry
  • THO4162 Practicum in Ministry I
  • THO4163 Practicum in Ministry II
  • THO4164 Practicum in Ministry III
  • THO4165 Practicum in Ministry IV
  • THO4206 Ministry Integration Project

Optional Courses (33 units)

3 units from each category:

(a) Old Testament

  • THO4100 How to Search for Wisdom: The Poetic Books of the Bible
  • THO4101 How Does God Respond to Injustice? Understanding the Prophets
  • Or another course in Old Testament

(b) New Testament

  • THO3164 Jesus in the New Testament
  • THO4102 Freedom, Law, and Justice: Paul’s Letters
  • THO4103 What is Truth? The Gospel of John
  • Or another course in New Testament

(c) Systematic Theology

  • THO3162 Revelation and Christian Faith
  • THO3163 The Christian God
  • THO3165 The Church and Salvation
  • THO4107 Creation and Responsibility: Theological Anthropology
  • THO4108 Theological Thinking
  • THO4109 Sin and the Question of Evil
  • THO4125 Christology
  • Or another course in systematic theology

(d) Interreligious Dialogue and Ecumenical Relations

  • THO2167 Toward Christian Unity
  • THO2410 World Religions
  • THO4204 Christianity and Religious Plurality
  • Or another course in interreligious dialogue or ecumenical relations

(e) Contextual Theology

  • THO3172 Faith and Contemporary Culture
  • THO4124 Feminist Perspectives in Theology
  • THO4203 Christianity in a Secular Age
  • Or another course in contextual theology

(f) Christian History

  • THO3123 Early Christianity
  • THO3124 Reforming the Church
  • THO4202 World Christianity
  • Or another course in Christian history

(g) Additional Christian Ethics

  • THO3177 Faith, Ethics and the Anthropocene
  • THO4104 Selfhood and Sexual Ethics
  • THO4105 Spiritual Life and Social Justice
  • THO4106 The Ethics of Medicine, Sickness and Health
  • THO4131 Toward a Moral Economy
  • Or another course in Christian ethics

(h) Social Science Intersection

  • THO4161 Sociological Perspectives on Christian Community
  • Or another course in social science intersection

(j) Indigenous Christian Relations

  • THO4132 The Church and Indigenous Peoples
  • Or another course in Indigenous Christian relations

6 units in Ministry:

  • THO3168 Christan Prayer and Spiritual Life
  • THO3170 Proclaiming the Word of God in the Liturgy: Homiletics
  • THO3318 Spiritual Life in the Eastern Churches
  • THO4110 The Eucharist
  • THO4160 Introduction to Pastoral Care
  • THO4201 Sacramental Theology
  • THO4205 Theologies of Ordained and Lay Ministry
  • THO4302 Leadership in Faith Formation
  • THO4303 Leadership in Christian Liturgy
  • Or other courses in Christian ministry

With permission from the Master of Divinity program director, students have the option of enrolling in courses inother Faculties at Saint Paul University, at the University of Ottawa, or at other educational institutions to fulfill any course requirement in the program.

Elective Courses (27 units)

Students may choose elective courses from among those offered within the basic degree programs in theology. With the approval of the program director, they may also choose from among course offerings in Human Sciences and Philosophy in order to pursue a theological theme from an interdisciplinary perspective.