Program requirements | Saint Paul University

Ecclesiastical Program: Doctorate in Canon Law

Faculty of Canon Law

Compulsory Course (3 units)

DCA8981 Readings in Latin Canonical Sources / Lecture des sources canoniques latines (3u)

Elective Course (3 units)

Students can select their elective course either from among the graduate courses offered by the Faculty of Canon Law, or from another faculty or university, with the approval of the Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law.

Comprehensive Examination (DCA9998)

Before the thesis is submitted, the student must pass a comprehensive examination on ten topics approved by the Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law; the list of topics will have been prepared by the student in consultation with the dissertation supervisor. A student who fails this comprehensive examination is permitted to repeat it once. A second failure leads to withdrawal from the program.

Thesis Proposal (DCA9997)

Within the first four sessions of doctoral studies, the student must submit a thesis proposal in writing. This proposal will be examined by a special committee established and chaired by the Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law. The final approval of the thesis proposal, and the appointment of the supervisor, are the responsibility of the Dean of the Faculty of Canon Law.

Doctoral Thesis (DCA9999)

The student must write, submit, and successfully defend a dissertation of at least 200 pages in length. This dissertation must constitute a significant contribution to knowledge, embody the results of original research and analysis, and be of such quality as to merit publication.