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Ecclesiastical Program: Doctorate in Canon Law

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Program description

The ecclesiastical Doctorate in Canon Law (JCD) is a research degree that provides students the space to explore and reflect more deeply on topics and issues pertaining to canon law. The objective of the program is to prepare students for a professional career in teaching and research. This objective is achieved through an in-depth study of a particular area of canon law.
The JCD is governed by the Apostolic Constitution Veritatis Gaudium and other norms of the Holy See. The JCD is always pursued concurrently with the PhD in Canon Law.

Admission Details

Registration: Full-time.
Program length: Students have up to 6 years to complete their JCD.
Program delivery method: On campus, with some flexibility for online learning.
Language: This program is also available in French.

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Students registered in this program may be eligible for a limited number of scholarships. For more information, please click here.