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Admission applications for September 2024 are now accepted.

Program description

The Graduate Diploma in Ecclesiastical Administration offers an advanced specialization, within the general discipline of canon law, suited to careers in church administration. From the perspective of canon law, the program provides the students a specialized knowledge of issues related to governance and management of dioceses, religious institutes, ecclesiastical tribunals, ecclesiastical institutions of education and healthcare, and other similar bodies.

This program can be pursued concurrently with the graduate microprogram in safeguarding minors and vulnerable persons.

On completion of the diploma, qualified students meeting admission requirements may apply for admission to the Master of Canon Law program and, on admission, complete the requirements of this program with credit granted for relevant courses already completed in the diploma.

Admission Details

Registration: Full-time or part-time
Program length: 5 courses
Program delivery method: The program may be completed online or on campus

For more information about admission deadlines, please click here.


Students registered in this program may be eligible for a limited number of scholarships. For more information, please click here.

This diploma is conferred jointly by the Senates of Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa.