Parent-Teacher Study

Parent-Teacher Study

Hi, parents!

We need your help to learn how to support children with and without attentional difficulties.

Parents would complete about 2.5 hours of online questionnaires at 3 different time-points across the school year.

This study takes about 7.5 hours in total across the school year.

This study is for parents of children between the ages of 6 and 11.


Parents will receive a $40 online gift card for completion of online questionnaires at each time-point, for a total of up to $120 CAD per participant.

How to get involved

Please contact the Attention, Behaviour, and Cognitions (ABC) Lab to ask about the Parent-Teacher Study.

Participation in this research project is entirely voluntary.

This research is being conducted by Dr. Yuanyuan Jiang, Assistant Professor of Counselling and Spirituality at Saint Paul University (613-236-1393 ext. 2301,, and Dr. Maria Rogers, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Ottawa.

Contact us for more details:

Phone: 613-236-1393 ext. 2594

Email: [email protected]

Approved by Saint Paul University’s Office of Research and Ethics

(file #1360.11/19; 1-800-637-6859)