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Saint Paul University and Administrative Staff Sign New Collective Agreement, Ratify the Variable Work Week

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OTTAWA, Tuesday, February 13, 2024 – Saint Paul University (SPU) and the Administrative Support Personnel of Saint Paul University (ASPSPU) are happy to announce that they have ratified a new collective agreement.

The University administration and the ASPSPU (the local bargaining unit of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation that represents SPU staff) came to the table for the first time in September 2023 and reached a tentative agreement in late December. Union members then voted in favour of the agreement this January.

The new collective agreement will be in effect for a four-year term, ending April 30, 2027.
“I want to extend my gratitude to the bargaining teams of the University and the ASPSPU for their hard work, openness and collaboration throughout this negotiation process. Together, they have achieved a mutually beneficial agreement that will contribute to the continued success and growth of our university community,” shared Eric Martin, Vice-Rector of Administration. “The agreement not only ensures fair and competitive compensation, but also reinforces our commitment to fostering a positive working environment and supporting the well-being of our employees.”

“I am proud of our negotiation team and the collective agreement they successfully bargained. From the very beginning they championed our members’ priorities, the greatest of which were fair wages and maintaining work-life balance through the variable work week,” stated Gabrielle Dupuis, President of the ASPSPU. “We are happy that the University administration worked with us on these priorities.”

Establishing the Variable Work Week

Among the biggest changes in the new collective agreement is the ratification of the variable work week – the first of its kind in a university setting. The variable work week began as a pilot project in July 2022.

With the variable work week, employees work an average of 28 hours of a regular 35-hour week, while retaining their standard salary and benefits. This work arrangement allows for more flexibility and a more positive work-life balance.

Despite the shorter work week for individual employees, University services are never impacted. Through innovations, collaboration and cooperative scheduling, all student and client services maintain a high-level of service throughout the entire business week.

For more information, please contact:
Julie Bourassa
Communications Officer, Saint Paul University
613-236-1393, ext. 2310

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