Research Support Fund (RSF)


Jean-Marc Barrette

Vice Rector
Academic and Research

Saint Paul University is home to talented and dedicated researchers who work tirelessly to advance knowledge and address some of the greatest challenges facing our society today.

However, conducting quality research is not easy. It requires not only talent and dedication, but also access to the right resources and quality support. That’s why programmes like the Research Support Fund (RSF) are so important, not least because they ensure that everyone has the tools and resources, both material and human, they need to succeed.

As Vice-Rector Academic and Research, I can certainly say that the RSF has had a very positive impact. Through this program, we have been able to invest in dedicated research space and resources that have helped facilitate the research of our faculty and student body. It has also enabled us to attract and retain the best talent.

Of course, none of this would be possible without the continued support of the Canadian government, which has invested significantly in this program over the years. On behalf of Saint Paul University and our research community, I would like to express my gratitude for this ongoing commitment to supporting research in Canada. With programs such as the RSF, I am confident that we will continue to make a remarkable contribution to the society at large.

Jérémie LeBlanc

Chief Librarian
Jean-Léon Allie Library

The Jean-Léon Allie Library is at the heart of the student experience at Saint Paul University, and the Research Support Fund’s contributions have enabled us to provide a more vibrant and dynamic service that meets the academic needs of our diverse faculty and student population.

Through the RSF program, the library has been able to add to its comprehensive collection of books, journal subscriptions and other research materials. The funds have also allowed us to provide workshops, offer delivery services and begin record digitization – all of which greatly increase knowledge accessibility for our research community.

As Chief Librarian, I have seen how the RSF program has directly contributed to our students’ and professors’ ability to study, research, and collaborate. And so, on behalf of Saint Paul University community, I would like to express my gratitude for the Government of Canada’s ongoing support of research excellence through the RSF program.

Monique Lanoix

Associate Professor
Faculty of Philosophy

As a researcher at Saint Paul University, I would like to highlight the extremely positive impact of the Research Support Fund (RSF) on research at our university. This program has proven to be an invaluable resource for our institution, providing essential indirect support that has made it easier for us to undertake research and make important contributions in our fields. One of the most significant ways in which the RSF has benefited our university is by providing us with the funds to improve our research competitiveness. Thanks to this program, we have been able to invest in the indirect costs associated with material and human resources, allowing our researchers to conduct their work and collect data in a supportive environment. As a researcher, I am deeply grateful for the support of the RSF, and I look forward to continuing to work with other researchers to advance knowledge and make important contributions to my field of research, which is equitable access to healthcare.