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M.A. in Social Innovation

Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation

  • INS5101 - Theoretical Foundations of Social Innovation

    Critical study of founding texts in social innovation and of the main approaches in the field. Study of key actors and strategies in contemporary social innovation.

  • INS5901 - Directed Readings
  • INS7997 - Thesis Proposal
  • INS7999 - Master's Thesis
  • INS5102 - Self-Management and Workplace Democracy

    Analysis of the main challenges in the democratic organization of work; study of issues arising in the development and consolidation of self-managed organizations.

  • INS5103 - Collective Action Strategies and Discourses

    Study of mobilization and communication techniques in the context of social change and collective action, from strategic planning to tactical execution in the field.

  • INS5104 - Technology in Social Innovation

    Study of the effects of technology on social organizations and of ways of integrating digital technologies into the strategies of social transformation.

  • INS5105 - Organizational Consolidation and Transformation

    Study of the coordination methods and direction in the context of established and functional social organizations. Transformation and growth of social organizations from the inside.

  • INS5106 - Public Institutions, Funding and Partnerships

    Best practices for establishing partnerships with the public sector, private donors and social groups to promote organizational development. Financial strategies, philanthropy and solidarity financing.

  • INS5107 - Social Innovation and Management

    In-depth study of management approaches and tools of social organizations: strategic planning, management and advanced accounting.

  • INS5108 - Selected Topics in Democratic Management

    In-depth study of selected topics and contemporary issues in democratic management of organizations.

  • INS5109 - Selected Topics in Social Action

    In-depth study of selected topics and contemporary issues in collective action and social movements.

  • INS5110 - Selected Topics in Critical Thinking

    Study of a specific issue within contemporary critical theories, emancipatory projects and global alternatives to oppressive systems.

  • INS5111 - Internship

    Internship in a social organization or developing an action research in partnership with a social organization (collaboration agreement, project development and identification of research aims and process, conducting the action research, results presentation and reflective analysis). Graded S/NS.
    Prerequisite: INS5101.

  • INS5301 - Planning a Research Topic

    Identification of a relevant research topic, study of methodologies in the social innovation field and construction of a work plan.

  • INS5302 - Issues in Social Innovation

    Study of contemporary social, political and economic issues and their impacts on citizen initiatives, collective action and social innovation projects.

  • INS5303 - Design and Social Innovation

    Study of the main notions in design and practical analysis of this approach on social innovation projects: design thinking, social design, collaborative design, institutional design, creativity, etc.

  • INS5304 - Research Internship

    Internship of 150 hours in social innovation analysis, involving advanced and sustained research and analysis. The internship is supervised and the work evaluated by a professor member of the program. Graded S/NS.

    Prerequisites: Completion of 9 units in the MA program with an average of at least B+. Successful completion of thesis proposal INS7997. Approval of the internship proposal by the Director of Graduate Programs

  • INS6101 - Advanced Practical Seminar: Diagnosis and Recommendation

    Study of a specific issue within a social organization and writing of a report making a diagnosis and proposing recommendations.
    Prerequisite: To register for this course, the student must complete the compulsory course and all the optional courses of the program.

  • INS6102 - Incubation of a Project in Social Innovation

    Design and implementation of the first stages of an innovative project.
    Prerequisite: To register for this course, the student must complete the compulsory course and all the optional courses of the program.

Courses offered by the University of Ottawa:

  • DVM5100 - Understanding International Development and Globalization (UO)

    Study of leading theories and debates on the meaning, challenges and possibilities of development and globalization. Analysis and discussion of the different aspects of development and globalization, including its cultural, political economic, security, legal and territorial implications. Interdisciplinary approach, with a focus on discussion and evaluation of key texts.