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Honours B.A. in Human Relations and Spirituality

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Admission applications for September 2024 are now accepted.

Program description

The B.A. in Human Relations and Spirituality – the only one of its kind in Ontario – is built on two major disciplines: human sciences, especially the study of human behaviour, and spirituality. It explores such topics as social justice, human development, acceptance of diversity, inclusivity and humanism.

During your studies, you will develop greater effectiveness in interpersonal communication and a greater understanding of human development, with its different cultural and spiritual traditions. You will learn to describe and compare key concepts and theories in the human and social sciences, along with the main qualitative and quantitative methodologies used in the field, while being able to explain how spirituality can be part of the human development process.

With this degree, you will better grasp the breadth and complexity of the human person and the experience of having a good relationship with yourself, with others, with the world around you, and with the transcendent.

Who should apply?

This program is ideal for all those who want to better understand the complexity of the human spirit.

Admission details

Enrollment: full-time or part-time
Program length: 8 terms or 4 years (full-time).
Program delivery: some courses are also offered online
Languages: this program is offered in English and in French.

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With the Honours B.A. in Human Relations and Spirituality, the student can choose a complementary minor or major, based on their interests and needs.

Scholarship possibilities

Students registered in this program may be eligible for a number of scholarships.

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This degree is conferred jointly by the Senates of Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa.