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Honours B.A. in Ethics and Contemporary Social Issues

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Admission applications to this program will not be accepted for 2024-2025 academic year.

Program description

In this program, you’ll explore emerging social challenges and determine the best course of action from a practical and moral point of view.

This includes

  • Identifying and understanding social issues and their ethical aspects
  • Evaluating a range of responses to those issues
  • Designing political and policy interventions guided by moral arguments
  • Making decisions that lead to more ethical outcomes

The program incorporates aspects of ethics, political science and policy studies to create a well-rounded and practical foundation for future leaders and decision-makers.

The knowledge and skills gained in this program can be applied to a number of current issues. For example, encouraging ethical media practices, guiding ethical principles in emerging technologies, and developing policies that benefit people and the environment.

Who Should Apply?

This program welcomes all individuals who are kept up at night by the daily news but who hold out hope that the world can be improved through practical reasoning.

Internships and Research Opportunities

As a student, you will gain real-world experience with two internships in the public service and/or non-governmental organizations.

In partnership with the school’s Research Centre in Public Ethics and Governance, this program also offers you the unique opportunity to work with professors and contribute to ongoing research projects.

Admission Details

Registration: Full-time and part-time
Program length: 8 trimesters or 4 years (full-time)
Program delivery method: Some courses are also available online.
Language: This program is also available in French.

A student enrolled in the Public Ethics (Honours Bachelor of Arts) program may add a complementary minor, according to the student’s particular interests and requirements.

This diploma is jointly offered with uOttawa.