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G.D. in Public Ethics

School of Ethics, Social Justice and Public Service

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Compulsory Courses (6 units)

  • EPE6300 Main Ethical Theories I (3u)
  • EPE6307 Main Ethical Theories II (3u)

Optional Courses (9 units)

9 units from:

  • EPE5101 Social Philosophy (3u)
  • EPE6301 Military and Peacekeeping Ethics (3u)
  • EPE6302 Environmental Ethics (3u)
  • EPE6303 Ethics and Human Rights (3u)
  • EPE6304 Ethics and International Development (3u)
  • EPE6305 Ethics and Health Care (3u)
  • EPE6306 Ethics, Privacy and Information (3u)
  • EPE6308 Secularism and Public Life (3u)
  • EPE6309 Ethics, Philosophy and Public Policy (3u)
  • EPE6320 Selected Topics in Ethics (3u)
  • EPE6901 Directed Readings / Lectures dirigées (3u)
  • ECS5304 Ethical Dimensions of Conflict (3u)
  • CMN5115 Communication Ethics (3u) (UO)
  • PAP6102 Democratic Governance (3u) (UO)
  • SOC7150 Interethnic Relations: Critical Examination of Theories and Research(3u) (UO)