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Certificate in Social Innovation

Élisabeth-Bruyère School of Social Innovation

  • IPA1123 - Introduction to Group Dynamics

    This course initiates participants to the group phenomenon and to different fundamental concepts, such as group typology, elements of group dynamics, as well as conditions and factors that are part of interpersonal and group communication. Participants learn to be aware of the quality of their participation and to develop their capacity to observe and to interact.

    This course was previously HUM1103 and IGL1103.

  • IPA3126 - The Spiritual Dimensions of Leadership and Group Facilitation

    Deepening of one’s conception of spirituality and presentation of various guiding methods adapted to personal development groups: self-training, support group meetings, life experience analysis and planned action. Community cooperation and psychosocial basics are addressed.

    This course was previously ANI3112 and IGL3112.

  • INS2101 - Introduction to Social Innovation

    Social innovation basics, methodological foundation to study the field and best practices.

  • INS2102 - Social Justice and Critical Thinking

    Main contemporary theories of social justice (liberal, critical, catholic, etc.) and issues related to redistribution, recognition, capabilities and accessibility.

  • INS2103 - Social Movements

    Analyzing social situations through the lens of concepts developed by the most important schools of critical thinking and the approaches in social movement studies.

  • INS2104 - Democracy and Civic Engagement

    Fundamentals of democracy, participation and representative government needed to understand and move beyond the framework in which they are embedded within Western societies.

    Students having completed the course DVM4154 Global Studies, Citizenship and Development will be credited for this course.

  • INS2105 - Social and Solidarity Economy

    Overview of social and solidarity economy through a survey of the field’s main texts and its most important initiatives.

    Students having completed the course DVM4150 Social Economy and Local Development in Developing Countries will be credited for this course.

  • INS2106 - Management, Administration and Social Innovation

    Basics of management and administration necessary for the proper functioning of a social organization.

    Students having completed the courses ADM1100 Introduction to Business Management will be credited for this course.

  • INS3101 - Self-Management in Organizations

    Structures, bodies, and modes of operation within democratic organizations.

  • INS3102 - Practical Seminar: Introduction to Action Research

    Basic introduction to action research through getting involved in an organization and/or implementing a project, critically reflecting on the experience.

  • INS3103 - Capitalism, Classes and Inequalities

    Theoretical foundations of Marxist analysis, key concepts and contemporary debates, in particular, current economic and technological changes.

  • INS3104 - Labor Movements

    Analysis of the trajectory and dynamics of social movements focused on issues of class and socioeconomic inequality.

  • ECS2192 - Inequality, Conflict and Social Justice

    This course consists of two components: (1) the examination of the variable linkages between inequality (economic, social, political), injustice, and violent conflict; and (2) the examination of efforts to create environments characterized by equality, equity, justice and peace.

  • ISC2301 - Communication and Organizations

    Definition of an organization. Usual approaches to communication within the organizations: functionalist, strategic, critical, and cultural. The change management issue. Impact of technology.