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Qualitative grades

This programme is for students whose admission is based on studies in a program other than French (including French as a second language programme at a Canadian high school).

As such, you can obtain qualitative grades of “S” (satisfactory) or “NS” (non-satisfactory), which will not affect your grade point average, rather than alphanumeric grades in the following:

  • a maximum of five French courses (15 units) from the first ten courses (30 units) attempted for the duration of your undergraduate studies.
  • a maximum of two French courses (6 units), among the first five courses (15 units) attempted for the duration of your graduate studies.
    As stipulated in the current academic regulations, students have the right to complete their course assignments and answer exam questions in the official language of their choice, irrespective of the course’s language of instruction.

A course in French is identified by a 5, 6 or 7 in the fifth character of a course code (examples: ISC2701 or ECS2503.

Please note that faculties may choose to exclude certain courses and programs from this option.

Eventually, if you apply to another program and have to submit all your grades, you can obtain them by applying to the Registrar’s Office.

To obtain a qualitative grade, you must complete the required form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office by the deadline indicated in the Sessional Dates Calendar  (around the 10th week of classes).