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Board of Governors

Saint Paul University has a bicameral system of governance, which includes the Senate and the Board of Governors. The term “university governance” applies particularly well to 2018. In fact, the Council of Administration approved the use of “Board of Governors” instead of “Council of Administration” to better reflect its governance role at the University. The Board of Governors, composed of nineteen members of the community and senior management, is responsible for the governance and general administration of the University, strategic financial decisions and the approval of University regulations necessary to the healthy management of the institution, according to the educational policy established by the Senate. Also, the Board of Governors decided to include in its makeup a professor, an alumni, a member of the support staff and a student, and to hold public meetings as of September 2021. 

According to our legislative governance framework, the chancellor, Archbishop Marcel Damphousse, is the titular head of the University. In keeping with our rich history and our statutes, Saint Paul University works in cooperation with the congregation of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.