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The Student Academic Success Service (SASS) is the best resource for your academic needs. It consists of three different services that aim to provide you with the tools and strategies to ensure that you are successful in achieving your academic, professional and personal goals.

Writing Centre

The Writing Centre’s purpose is to provide assistance in writing, organizing and formatting academic papers in a safe and non-judgmental space.

Please visit the Writing Centre web page for more information.

Counselling Services

Free, confidential, bilingual on-campus counselling is offered to all Saint Paul University students during the academic year.

Please visit the Counselling and Other Resources web page for more information.

Academic Support Services 

Academic Support Services contribute to an inclusive academic environment through the implementation of strategies and measures to remove barriers to learning for students with mental or physical health issues, disabilities or learning disabilities.

The University of Ottawa’s Academic Accommodation Service first assesses the accommodation needs of students (note: a request for a specific accommodation does not mean it will be granted – other measures may be proposed).

This department then sends the official letter of accommodations required to the student; the student must then ensure to send the official letter to the USP Associate Vice-Rector, Strategic Enrolment. The Associate Vice-Rector informs the faculty members and faculty of the identified accommodations.

For more details, please consult the University of Ottawa’s Academic Accommodation Service, which provides the assessment service for the USP student population.