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The Program

For the Winter and Spring 2025 academic terms (January – May 2025), the Faculty of Canon Law is pleased to offer a Graduate Diploma in Canonical Practice (GDCP) with a specialization in marriage law and procedures. To accommodate participants who retain their regular employment or ministry, the diploma has a flexible delivery option, including courses both at a distance and on campus.

This diploma is intended for those who serve in tribunal ministry or are preparing for such ministry – particularly as auditors, procurators, advocates, notaries, tribunal directors.  The courses study the Church’s substantive and procedural marriage law.  The diploma culminates in a seminar on tribunal practice which integrates and complements the preceding courses. In keeping with the focus of the Faculty of Canon Law, the courses intend to convey both a complete understanding of the canons and their practical application.

Admission Requirements

Please consult the admission requirements. The Faculty of Canon Law reserves the right to assess individual applications and stipulate specific prerequisites for a concentration or a course, or to waive one or more prerequisites in view of the candidate’s proven pastoral or professional experience.

Structure of the Program

The Graduate Diploma in Canonical Practice consists of 15 units of graduate course work, chosen from among the following courses and in accordance with the program requirements:

Winter 2025 (January-April):

  • DCA 5130 Matrimonial Law (3u)
  • DCA 5133 Procedures I (3u)
  • DCA 5137 Special Matrimonial Cases and Procedures (1.5u)
  • DCA 6114 Procedures II (3u)
  • DCA 6367 Special Problems: Christian Anthropology and Matrimonial Consent (1.5u)

Spring 2025 (April-May):

  • DCA 5135 Matrimonial Jurisprudence (3u)
  • DCA 6321 Seminar on Tribunal Practice (3u)
  • DCA 6363 Special Problems: Psychology and Matrimonial Consent (1.5u)

The Spring 2025 term includes a compulsory on campus session between May 20-30, 2025.

This program is only available in English in 2024-2025.

Admission applications should be submitted online here. For more information, please contact the Faculty of Canon Law (