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The Faculty of Philosophy offers top-quality training in a reflective and open intellectual environment. With classes kept small and with highly qualified professors, students can benefit from intellectually challenging discussions. The Faculty of Philosophy offers an intellectual environment for scholarly research into the questions raised by our society and tradition.

At the undergraduate level

The Faculty offers undergraduate programs in Ethics. These programs aim at providing a basic knowledge of ethics while giving the students an opportunity to deepen a certain number of aspects, according to their needs and aspirations.

At the graduate level

The Faculty of Philosophy offers programs in public ethics where one analyzes in depth questions related to governmental ethics: ethics and democracy; ethics and the legislator; political and economic ethics; institutional and politico-administrative ethics; the ethics of international relations; ethical concerns of those who act in the public realm. One examines as well social ethical questions: social justice; the redistribution of riches and resources; concerns of various communities; values and principles at the basis of contemporary social organization; role of civil society and social actors in the dynamics of social and political life; social ethics projects.

Public ethics reflects on the decisions that shape the infrastructure of our society and affect the behaviour of the individual citizen.

Without a doubt, we are living in a time in which society is asking many questions and demanding solid answers to these difficult questions. You can start at the most basic level and continue as deep as you wish.


The main objectives of the Faculty of Philosophy is to provide a high quality academic education aimed to foster the development of analytical skills, critical thinking regarding the great stakes of our society and the ability to articulate in a coherent way the contents of an ethical or philosophical debate.  The Faculty of Philosophy’s courses and programs aim to inculcate in students the lasting love of intellectual accuracy and unquenchable thirst for wisdom in ethical issues. By its highly qualified and innovative programs, it contributes to both the thinking and the practical dimension.

School of Ethics, Social Justice and Public Service

Is making cannabis legal during a major opioid crisis a good idea? How can we justify subsidizing both the fight against climate change and industries that pollute?These contemporary issues both involve ethical dilemmas. Visit the school of ethics, social justice and public service to learn more about those issues.