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Practical Guidelines for Aging Religious Institutes

April 24, 2024

2:00 to 3:15 p.m. (ET)


The webinar explores the issues that arise as a religious institute enters into its final era, a difficult and grace-filled moment. A clear understanding of the challenges and concerns of completion and legacy can help a community make plans and live this moment with integrity and peace.


Amy Hereford – Speaker

Amy Hereford is a Sister of St. Joseph. She has been in religious life for over 30 years and has served in a variety of ministries, in education, in administration, in communication, in vocation-formation and in community leadership. Sr. Amy has degrees in science, communication and theology, as well as in civil and canon law. This background helps her to assist religious communities, and to help those who are making important choices about the future of their institutes. Beginning in teaching and communication, Sr. Amy then moved into management and administration and then into consulting. As a consultant and facilitator, she works with religious communities and with small to mid-sized charitable organizations across the US and beyond, especially in assisting organizations in facing the challenges of an uncertain and changing future. She helps clients maximize their resources for the sake of their mission and to further organizational goals. In her work as a writer, speaker and retreat director she addresses technical concerns of religious institutes and explores the evolving nature of religious life itself. Sr. Amy has been admitted to practice in Missouri, Massachusetts and before the US Tax Court.

Sr. Amy has several recent books that address important issues in religious life today and among them: Navigating Change (RLC 2015) is an inter-disciplinary examination of the phenomenon of religious communities that are approaching the end of their life cycle.

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