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Diaspora, Diversity and Immigration

24-25 April, 2024

Saint Paul University,
Amphitheater, 223 Main, Ottawa, Canada, K1S 1C4

In a democratized world, diversity and diaspora have become important constituents of social and political discourse – and of contestation, considering the centuries of economic, racial, ethnic, and religious disparity, exploitation, and violence. Acknowledging that an ethically acceptable immigration policy must remain in synch with well-known democratic values, including an unflinching support to diversity and diaspora, the rights of immigrants, refugees and other vulnerable individuals, we invite participants to engage in a constructive analysis of raised issues from their respective theoretical and practical standpoints and situatedness. Our goal is to develop a more accommodative and non-binary understanding of immigration and diversity, emphasizing the importance of cultural openness and mutual respect in minority and majority cultures at home and abroad.

Registration fee:

  • 120 Canadian Dollars for Presenters
  • 100 Canadian Dollars for Attendees
  • 50 Canadian Dollars for Students

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