IPA6108 - Psychopathology and Treatment

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Concepts such as normality and abnormality, and the inter-relationship of perceptual, cognitive and affective dimensions are discussed. Motivational, social, behavioural and inter-personal components of human functioning and reviewed. This course presents the mental disorders, distinguishing the neurotic and psychotic disorders. The neuroses, transient reactions to stress, psychological factors in physical illnesses, personality disorders and affective disorders are treated in depth. Each class of disorders is viewed from the point of view of its etiology, diagnostic indicators, assessment, research and treatment. An explanation of the factors that foster an individual’s invulnerability to stress, trauma, and genetic predispositions is presented. The interplay of stressors, interpersonal and intrapersonal resources, life history and community is emphasized in the etiology and course of the disorders and normal functioning. Disordered functioning is seen as a person’s attempt to come to terms with the demands of living.