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Guidelines for Library Use

The Guidelines for Library Use aim to ensure that the Library remains a safe and open environment for all. These Guidelines apply to all Library users, including faculty, students, staff, and members of the public.

View the Guidelines for Library Use here.

Borrowing Policy

Students, professors, and selected users may borrow books, documents, and other items from the Library. A valid Saint Paul University (SPU) or University of Ottawa (uOttawa) ID card is required to borrow items. Students may borrow books published after 1950, DVDs, and board games. Each user is responsible for her/his ID card as well as for all items borrowed and for any debts incurred with her/his card. Users are responsible for informing themselves of this policy and of their borrowing privileges.

View the Borrowing Policy here.

Collection Development Policy

The Library’s mission is to provide easy access to a diverse and dynamic scholarly collection of materials in support of the research, teaching, and learning at Saint Paul University.

The Collection Development Policy provides a set of guidelines to help in the maintenance and development of the Library collection. The policy document is not intended as a set of rules, but as a complement to the knowledge, intuition, and expertise of the Collection Development Librarian and those who make recommendations to the Librarian.

View the Collection Development Policy here.

Donations of Library Materials Policy

The Library recognizes and appreciates that members of the University and the community are interested in donating publications to the collection. However, it is important to recognize that the Library will be selective in what is accepted for the collection, needing to carefully assess any prospective donation in relation to the established scope and parameters for collection development. The analysis of prospective gifts and processing those that are accepted involves a substantial amount of Library resources. Therefore, you are invited to read the guidelines before contacting us regarding a prospective donation.

View the Donations of Library Materials Policy here.

Notice of Collection of Personal Information

View the Notice of Collection of Personal Information here.


This section is intended to provide support and advice to faculty, staff, and students seeking information about copyright in education, learning, teaching, research, and scholarly communications.