Guidelines for library use


The Guidelines for Library Use aim to ensure the Library remains a safe and open environment for all. These Guidelines apply to all areas of the Library, including stack areas, study spaces, classrooms, group study rooms, meeting rooms, stairwells, and washrooms.


Access to the Library is permitted only for the purpose of using library resources or academic study. Loitering and soliciting are not permitted.

Users wishing to photograph, film, or record audio within library premises must first contact the Chief Librarian.


Members of the university community can access the Library during its opening hours as well as between 6 a.m. and midnight by using their Saint Paul University ID card.

Members of the public can access the Library during its opening hours, which are posted outside the Library as well as on its website.


Members of the university community must carry their valid SPU ID card at all times and be prepared to provide it if asked by Library or Security personnel. Members of the public must be prepared to provide valid personal identification if asked by Library or Security personnel.


Users are expected to behave in a civil and quiet manner at all times. Additionally, users should note the particular requirements listed below.


Users must behave in a civil manner towards Library staff members and other users. Behaviour that threatens, harasses, or demeans others is not tolerated as it undermines the peace and security of the library.

The Library is a shared space where all are welcome. In order to allow everyone wishing to work in the Library to do so, users are asked not to occupy excessive space and not to leave personal effects unattended. Users are only allowed to occupy specialized workstations (e.g. microform reading stations, Antidote workstations, adaptive workstations for users with disabilities) when using the specialized features.


In collaborative spaces, including group study rooms, quiet talking using a low voice is permitted. However, in silent study rooms and other spaces designated for silent study, silence is required. Talking or noise from electronic devices, including headphones, is not permitted.

Disruptive noise is not permitted. This includes any noise or activity that can disturb the concentration of other users, such as loud talking, noise from electronic devices, and long conversations on electronic devices. In addition, users are asked to turn all electronic devices on silent mode when entering the Library.


Non-alcoholic beverages are permitted if they are in spill proof containers only.

Food is prohibited.


Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult at all times. An adult must supervise their use of all library equipment and resources.


Users are responsible for the careful handling of library materials. Defacing or damaging library materials by marking, highlighting, underlining, writing notes, attaching Post-it notes, folding corners, removing pages, or removing security devices is forbidden.

Users must use library spaces, equipment, furnishings, and facilities in a responsible and respectful way in order to ensure a functional, clean, and welcoming environment. Users must not place their feet on chairs, windowsills, or tables. They must keep spaces neat and tidy.


Users are responsible for informing themselves of Library policies. These policies are designed to ensure the security of people and the protection of resources, and to maximize equitable access to materials and facilities. Excessive or repeated infractions are costly and disruptive to the university community as a whole. Library policies are available here.


Non-compliance with the Guidelines for Library Use may result in the loss of library privileges and/or expulsion from the library.

Users engaging in threatening and harassing conduct, theft, or vandalism will be dealt with according to the University’s regulations and may be barred from the Library.

Users are responsible for the repair or replacement of library materials, equipment, and furniture lost or damaged while in their care or through misuse.


If you disagree with a penalty, you may appeal in writing to the Chief Librarian:

by email:

by mail:

Jean-Léon Allie Library and Archives,

Saint Paul University

223 Main Street

Ottawa, Ontario

K1S 1C4



Users are reminded that Library personnel in general are not authorized to make exceptions to policies. Questions, comments, or complaints about this policy or its application should be addressed to the Chief Librarian in writing by mail or email (see above).