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Consultation, Acknowledgement of the Source and Reproduction

a. Consulting Archival Documents

Permission to examine documents kept in the archives is granted by appointment to researchers for specific purposes. They must sign a form during their visit, recognizing their full responsibility to respect laws concerning the consultation of documents.

Access rules for institutional documents

All published documents that are already public information and that were created by members of the University staff as part of their functions are available for consultation and reproduction.

In principle, all other documents are available for consultation after verification by the staff of Archival Services. Staff will apply University regulation ADM-118 Access to Information and Protection of Privacy, copyright on the reproduction and use of documents, and any other rule that the University puts in place.

When a document is limited to consultation or reproduction, the applicant must obtain the written permission of the person responsible for the unit that created the document or permission from its author to consult it. This authorization must be submitted to the staff of Archival Services. A duly completed access request form must accompany the request for consultation.

Access rules for private archival fonds on deposit

For the private archival fonds in our possession, consultation must occur with respect for restrictions developed in the acquisition agreement as well as the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

For archival documents on deposit on our premises, applicants must speak directly to the respective office to obtain permission to consult their documents. Permission will be sent to us to give you access.

b. Acknowledging the Source

The acknowledgement of sources consulted is in accordance with the following archival standards: Name of the service. Name and number of the fonds. The article or item code. Title of the file, article or item, followed by the date.

Textual documents

Archives-Saint Paul University. Central Administration Fonds (02). AUSP-02-4-12. CA committee: minutes 2017-02-10.

Iconographical documents

Archives-Saint Paul University. Recruitment and Communications Services Fonds (15). AUSP-PHO-COL-15-6-35. Convocation, May 1998.

c. Requesting a Reproduction

To contribute to the diffusion of our fonds and collections, Archival Services offers researchers access to documents for research purposes.

Because the documents to which researchers have access are the property of Saint Paul University, the reproduction of certain documents may be limited by Archival Services to respect laws concerning copyright and confidentiality of personal information, the wishes of donors, the donation agreement and the state of preservation of documents.

The reproduction processes offered are photocopying and digital scanning. All reproduction requests must be submitted in writing to

Reproduction rules:

  1. The staff of Archival Services handles all photocopying and all scanning.
  2. In some cases, the availability of our staff requires us to limit the number of reproductions.
  3. Members of Archival Services can photocopy or scan a reasonable quantity of documents when it is possible to do so without damaging records and without violating copyright or other restrictions.
  4. To protect its documents, Archival Services also reserves the right to limit the reproduction of its archives that are highly valuable, are fragile or have not yet been treated using archiving methods.


Applicant’s commitment:

After receiving a copy of one or more documents from Saint Paul University’s Archival Services, the researcher commits to:

  1. Respect the Copyright Act as it applies to fair dealing of printed matter and reproductions of documents held by the archives.
  2. For any other purpose, obtain written authorization from the copyright holder of the document(s).
  3. Protect, indemnify and hold Saint Paul University’s Archival Services or Saint Paul University itself and its employees and agents not responsible for any claim arising or resulting from the use of images, text or any other material provided.
  4. Not reproduce or deposit printed materials elsewhere.
  5. Not publish the copy or copies received. All commercial use requires the authorization of the Secretary General of the University or of the chief archivist.
  6. Assume full responsibility for the use they will make of the documents obtained.

It is understood that Saint Paul University’s Archival Services shall not be responsible for any violation of this agreement.


Acknowledgement of the source:

Researchers citing documents must give the source. This line should appear at the end of the citation: Saint Paul University Archives (Ottawa).


Reproduction fees:

  1. The reproduction cost of archival documents is the sole responsibility of the researcher. The researcher will be invoiced for transportation expenses when it is necessary to send a copy of a document. Please see the pricing table below.
  2. Archival Services requires receipt of payment before sending the requested copies by mail or by email. A cheque can be written to the order of Jean-Léon Allie Library and Archives.


Photocopying of textual documents:

  • Self-service
    • Black and white: $0.08/page
    • Colour: $0.20/page
  • By staff
    • Black and white: $0.25/page
    • Colour: $0.50/page

Sending by email in digital format:

  • Textual documents: $1.00/page
  • Photographic documents: $5.00/page

User fees: 

  • For personal use or teaching (academic, educational or heritage): Free of charge
  • For commercial publication (books, periodicals, internet, advertising, derivative and promotional products): $25.00/image

Service charge: 

  • Research of under 30 minutes: $10.00
  • Research of 30 minutes and over: $20.00/hour extra

Costs for sending files:

  • By email: Free (after payment is received for reproductions)
  • By mail: Current Canada Post rates + $1.00/envelope