Page 19 - Annual Report 2011-2012

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Jean-Léon-Allie Library
The Jean-Léon-Allie Library is the largest theological library in Canada
and the sixth largest in North America. The collection numbers 595,335
volumes, 528 electronic databases, 419,120 e-books and 43,217 electronic
During the past year, the library was entrusted
with managing the University’s archival docu-
ments, thus becoming the Jean-Léon-Allie Library
and Archives. A number of major projects were
also undertaken, in particular the conversion
of periodicals to electronic format and the
accelerated cataloguing of new acquisitions.
Honouring André Paris
André Paris, Chief Librarian at Saint Paul
University, passed away on September 30, 2012,
at the age of 57. During his 26 years at the
University, he played a major role in making
the Jean-Léon-Allie Library what it is today –
a national treasure. André was very proud of
the exceptional collections for which he was
responsible, as well as for the Research Centre
for Religious History of Canada, the largest such
centre in the country. André Paris never failed to
highlight the efforts of the members of his staff.
He will be remembered as the guardian and soul
of the Jean-Léon-Allie Library and Archives by
his many colleagues and friends at Saint Paul
Saint Paul University