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Special Topics in Human Relations and Spirituality I

Study of a particular topic in human relationships and spirituality. The content and format may change depending on the professor.

Faculty of Human Sciences >> Counselling and Spirituality

Minimize schedule Course schedule for the session: Spring / Summer 2021
Section Schedule Day Location Professor
IPA 2124 WA00
Personality Disorders and Spirituality
The course is prerecorded (asynchronous mode) and offered only online via Brightspace.
Course offered in English
May 03 - June 11 N/A Online Stéphanie Larrue

In-depth exploration of what is the psychopathology of personality disorders. Latest research on how personality disorders link to spirituality. DSM 5 classifications of personality disorders. Normal versus disordered personality. Assessment, case studies and possible pathways of treatment. 


At the end of the course, the student will be able to:  

  • Differentiate between the various DSM classifications of personality disorders; 

  • Analyze case studies to deepen understanding on each personality disorder; 

  • Recognize the criteria for the 10 different personality disorders; 

  • Distinguish how spirituality is related to each personality disorder; 

  • Apply possible paths of treatment for each personality disorder.


This on-line course is based on an asynchronous learning process. The learning is autonomous as each student progresses through the lesson at their own pace. Lessons are comprised of the study of one personality disorder through readings, videos and/or case studies and completed by a quiz. Two summative exams are given during the course with one final exam at the end. The professor will be available daily for questions and will follow the progress of the students. 


Workload consists of: 

  • 10 quizzes, 1 per personality disorder (about 10 questions each);

  • 2 summative exams (after course 6 and after course 10 – about 30 questions each); 

  • 1 Final exam (about 60 questions).



  • 10 quizzes (1 per personality disorder, 3 points each)                             30

  • 2 summative exams  (20 points each)                                                   40 

  • Final exam                                                                                          30

Mandatory Reading


Sperry, L. (2016). Handbook of diagnosis and treatment of DSM-5 personality disorders: assessment, case conceptualization, and treatment. 3rd edition. Routledge.  

Available online at the University of Ottawa’s library website. 


Other mandatory readings will be made available through Brightspace. 

Important Information

This is an asynchronous course where students study independently. There will be no videoconference classes or in-person classes. 


This course is self-paced. Summative exams must be completed by specific deadlines. The course must be completed by June 12. The final exam will be made available as of June 13. The deadline to finish the final exam is June 20, before 11:59 PM. Past deadlines, a penalty may be enforced.