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Causes of Conflict I: Biological and Psychological Approaches

Examination of the many possible causes of conflict and violence such as aggression, instinct, character traits, learned behaviours, socialization, personality disorders, group influences, mob behaviour, and perceptual issues.


  • Prerequisites: ECS 2111 and ECS 2112 and ECS 2192 and (PSY 1101 or IPA 1121) and (PSY 1102 or IPA 1122)

Faculty of Human Sciences >> Conflict Studies

Minimize schedule Course schedule for the session: Winter 2021
Section Schedule Day Location Professor
ECS 4101 WS00
The course is broadcast live only (synchronous mode) at the predetermined day and time. The student must be present online at the predetermined day and time.
Course offered in English
January 11 - April 14 Thursday 17:30 - 20:30 Online Jaclynne Neri