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Special Topics in Theology I

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Minimize schedule Course schedule for the session: Spring / Summer 2020
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THO 3148 WXA0
Ethics, Faith and the Anthropocene
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Course offered in English
May 04 - June 12 Tuesday, Thursday 17:30 - 20:30 Online Thomas Christopher Mcauley

All theologians and Christians need ongoing renewal of their theology and moral teaching to include the major issues of the Anthropocene. In his encyclical Laudato Si', Pope Francis reframes Church teaching on the neglected fact that humans are an integral part of the Earth system and are now collectively shaping its future. He puts out an urgent invitation to the world to renew the dialogue on how we are constructing the future of this planet. The emergence of the term Anthropocene as a new geological period points to a staggering turning point in the history of the Earth system. In a way that is critical to our future, it challenges us to reconsider of how we conceive of our relationship with the Earth. Losses now being incurred as a direct result of human activity constitute a serious threat to human well-being in all regions of the world and to the biodiversity of God's creation. Increasing occurrences of floods droughts, fires, political conflicts, refugees, and species loss are all related in differentiated ways to anthropogenic-caused climate change and ill-conceived development.  This challenges theologians, ethicists, and educators to transcend favored smaller-scale paradigms and to keep up with the second term of "vetera et nova." The path includes coming to a relevant understanding and vocabulary pertinent to planetary issues of the 21st century. The aim of this course is to make a modest start on this challenge.