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Special Topics in Theology I

Faculté de théologie >> Théologie (général)

Minimiser l'horraire Horaire du cours pour la session : Printemps / Été 2019
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Cours magistral
THO 3148 W00
This course is offered only online. Students must access the course in real time, as no classes will be recorded.
Cours offert en anglais
01 mai - 11 juin Mardi, Jeudi 17:30 - 20:30 En ligne Hazel Joyce Markwell

Drawing on the work of contemporary bioethicists, this course explores common ethical challenges faced by healthcare providers in the clinical setting and the impact that such challenges have on the human subject. These challenges will be discussed from within a theological framework, particularly as seen through the lens of Bernard Lonergan's work on the role that feelings and bias play in the human person's desire for authenticity and self-transcendence.  We will be using standardized patient cases in order to ground our discussions in the clinical reality.

  1. To become familiar with what ethics and bioethics are as well as the contribution of theology to bioethics
  2. To raise awareness of the complexity of some of the more controversial issues in bioethics.
  3. To become familiar with a principle based framework for ethical decision making and the skills in analyzing ethical dilemmas.
  4. To become aware of the role that feelings might play in the resolution of ethical issues.
  5. To understand the impact that ethical challenges in the clinical setting have on the human subject's desire for authenticity and self-transcendence.
Charge de travail

Class attendance, weekly readings, two written assignments and the final exam


Participation (readings and discussion):                                                                 20%

Two written reflection papers: (5-7 pages)                                                             2 x 25% each

Choose a topic (a concrete issue) related to contemporary issues in medical bioethics and discuss the underlying concepts.  Suggest a resolution to the issue using the principle based framework for ethical decision making.

Final take-home exam: (7-10 pages)                                                                                    30%

A personal reflection to allow for an intellectual integration of the Course materials and the impact of ethical decision making in Healthcare on the human subject

Lecture obligatoire

HERBERT, PhilipDoing Right.  A Practical Guide to Ethics for Medical Trainees and Physicians. Second Edition.  Oxford University Press, 2009

A Primer for Health Care Ethics.  Ethics for a Pluralistic Society. Second Edition. Kevin  O’Rourke. Georgetown University Press. 2000. Washington

Recommended Text:

The Cambridge Textbook of Bioethics. Edited by Peter A. Singer and A.M. Viens.  Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2008.

Information importante

This course is offered only online. Students must access the course in real time, as no classes will be recorded.