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Content Analysis

Faculté des sciences humaines >> Communications sociales

Minimiser l'horraire Horaire du cours pour la session : Printemps / Été 2017
Section Horaire Jour Endroit Professeur
Cours magistral
ISC 3318 W00
Cours offert en anglais
01 mai - 12 juin TBA En ligne Fadi Jaber

This online course offers an inclusive definition of content analysis, and introduces different key terms, concepts, and approaches to content analysis. The focus of the course is on developing skills that students need to conduct a systematic analysis of textual data from different medium such as media texts, websites, and social media texts. The course includes case studies to better understand how different theoretical concepts of content analysis are applied in the text.



By the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop a wide range of methods used to conduct content analysis
  • Select appropriate content analysis methods for a variety of texts
  • Use various analytical tools to analyze and understand contents of texts
  • Apply theoretical concepts of content analysis on different projects
Charge de travail

This course includes mandatory readings, discussions, homeworks, and final assignment.

  • Preparing response for a reading’s question (25%) (2 responses/week)
  • Participation in discussions (20%) (2 responses/week)
  • Homework assignments (25%) (one homework/week)
  • Final project (30%) (due date: June 12)
Lecture obligatoire

Primary Textbook:

  • Drisko, James & Maschi, Tina. (2015). Content Analysis. USA: Oxford University Press.

The required textbook is available through the University of Ottawa’s virtual library.

Other relevant readings will be posted on the course Virtual Campus.

Information importante

Please familiarize yourself with the Academic Regulations: https://ustpaul.ca/en/registrar-s-services-academic-regulations-undergraduate-studies_469_741.htm

Please read this information on intellectual integrity (with resources regarding plagiarism and other forms of fraud): https://ustpaul.ca/en/registrar-s-services-academic-fraud_1408_783.htm

For examples of plagiarism see: http://www.uottawa.ca/plagiarism.pdf

Revision of marks:

Please see the appropriate section in the academic regulations (8.10 Revision of Grades and Appeals)

Students must complete all assignments during the allocated time as per the schedule provided in this course outline, and in accordance with the final exam date. Failure to complete any of the in-class assignments will result in a mark of zero being awarded. Failure to complete either the mid-term or final exam will similarly result in a zero mark.

Learning support

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7 day rule

(excluding holidays and the day of the exam)

FALL SESSIONS:  November 15th



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