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Archive 2014 - 2015 > Premier cycle > Theology - Anglican Studies (B.Th.) (Honours Bachelor) (en anglais seulement)

Theology - Anglican Studies (B.Th.) (Honours Bachelor) (en anglais seulement)

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  • Exigences du programme

Foundational Courses (24 credits)

Compulsory Courses: 21 credits

  • HTP1101 Trends in Western Thought
  • HTP1102 Artistic and Literary Imagination: Expressions of the Human Experience
  • HTP1103 People, Politics and the Planet
  • HTP1104 Faith, Justice and the Common Good
  • ISC2309 English Composition
  • ISC2314 Public Speaking
  • PHI2181 Human Knowledge

Optional Courses: 3 credits from

  • MIS2103 World Religions
  • THO1306 Exploring the Sacred
  • THO1307 Understanding the Bible (this course is a prerequisite for many THO courses)

Discipline Specific Courses (75 credits)

Compulsory Courses: 51 credits

  • THO2189 Introduction to Theology
  • THO2315 Ethics and the Human Person
  • THO3124 Modern Church History
  • THO3160 Pentateuch and Historical Books
  • THO3161 Gospel Interpretation – Mark
  • THO3162 Christian Revelation and Faith
  • THO3163 The Christian God
  • THO3164 Jesus the Christ
  • THO3165 The Church
  • THO3166 Moral Existence
  • THO3167 History of the Church: First Five Centuries
  • THO3168 Christian Spirituality
  • THO3169 Christian Liturgy
  • THO3170 Homiletics
  • THO4110 The Eucharist
  • THO4111 Sacraments of Initiation, Reconciliation
  • THO4126 Ministries of the Church

Optional Courses: 24 credits

6 credits from:

  • THO2177 Selected Topics in Anglican Studies
  • THO3118 Anglican Liturgy
  • THO3147 The Anglican Tradition
  • THO3174 Anglican Theology in the 20th Century
  • THO3175 Anglicans and Unity

12 credits from:

  • University of Ottawa SOC and PSY courses, to be chosen in consultation with the Director of Anglican Studies.

6 credits from:

  • Undergraduate THO courses in Pastoral Studies.

Elective Courses (21 credits)

Students choose 21 credits to complete their bachelor program.